Sunday, 21 July 2013


After Friday night's dinner, my Grandad certainly didn't expect another surprise the following evening. What he thought was just a meal at the Hilton with himself, Nan, Dad and I to end Dad's 48 hour visit... Was in fact 150 friends and family waiting in the hired function room for a night of dancing (walking sticks were getting tossed aside after several hours of the open bar) and then most of the guests staying for a massive breakfast the next morning.

As I walked into the room with him, it took him a minute to realise that he knew every single person in there. Most people hadn't seen me since I left for Australia (I was 10), and assumed I was my mum... After the third "Did you bring the kids over with you Jane?", I wasn't sure whether I look beyond my years or the oldies just need new glasses...

So preoccupied on the night by the amazing dance moves that were coming out, I only took a few pictures. And I swear, there were other people in that photo of me apparently dancing like a mad woman that happened to have just discovered Disaronno for the first time ever at the afore-mentioned open bar.


Thursday, 4 July 2013


A small cafe with high windows, wooden tables and a counter laden with neat stacks of hand-made cakes and sandwiches. I'll go to what I call Bicycle Cafe at least once a week... Whether it's with a new magazine from the off license nearby, or just to sit and write my sister a letter.

Gluten free almond macaroons, and the prettiest coffees. Without a doubt my favourite cafe here so far.

Tapped & Packed cafe Soho

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