Wednesday, 27 November 2013


In the last few months I packed up my life at Nan's in South East London and moved to a flat in Hackney. I've been lucky enough to make a group of friends here, who took me on as a sister - translating East London estate speak and showing me all the local secret spots.

My friend Gus made Sunday a tour day. These photos are from Sunday #2 -

1 & 2. Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington
3. Nuns in Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
4. Free records... I went home with "Reggae Disco", "70s Hits" and " Ray Parker Jnr"
5. Gus
6. Notorious B.I.G necklace... I can only dream



1. Starry night
2. Nathan King
Bare zute concerntration  
4. Gus Walsh



Portobello Rd Market is one of my new favourite places in London. It was there that I met Parachute, the incredible 83-year-old Jamaican man that refused to let me take his photo... "The last time me have me photo taken it was for Italian Vogue... You ain't takin' no picturesss gyal".

I could have listened to him for hours, but had to meet my cousin. As I went to leave, he called my name... "Here", he said as he reached into his pocket. He put a thin gold chain into my hand, and closed his hand around mine. "Are you sure?" I asked. "Don't ask that, me just gave it to you, didn't I?!"

1. Jamaica OUTCHEAAA
2. Jerk chicken, rice and peas with my cousin Tazmyne
3. Red Stripe on the overground
4. Junos Place



Last month Topshop partnered with iTunes for a month of concerts at the Roundhouse... As soon as I saw Kendrick Lamar was playing, I asked for tickets. The Weeknd and Schoolboy Q were down to support, but when the Weeknd posted a photo that morning home in LA playing GTA5, I figured he wasn't coming.

Private balcony, screaming every word to Schoolboy Q and Kendrick <3



Topshop x London Fashion Week


Friday, 16 August 2013


Everything I collect seems to end up colour coded. Including my online inspiration, which comes in washes of colours. My Tumblr is looking a bit blue at the moment - see it over here...


Monday, 12 August 2013


Two things that caught my eye lately...

1. I usually rush from work to the tube station, but this man made me stop. Glasses, a matching salmon tweed blazer and trousers... And those shoes. I always feel guilty taking pictures of strangers, but am usually too shy to ask. I couldn't resist it and told myself he was too cool to miss.

Then a week later, I saw him back out the front of Topshop, camera in hand. Maybe he takes pictures of passers by (except he probably asks their permission!) Anyway... He was the kind of person that you wish you were cool enough to know.

2.  An alley near my work... It looked like it was about to be someone's job to scrub this off.


Sunday, 21 July 2013


After Friday night's dinner, my Grandad certainly didn't expect another surprise the following evening. What he thought was just a meal at the Hilton with himself, Nan, Dad and I to end Dad's 48 hour visit... Was in fact 150 friends and family waiting in the hired function room for a night of dancing (walking sticks were getting tossed aside after several hours of the open bar) and then most of the guests staying for a massive breakfast the next morning.

As I walked into the room with him, it took him a minute to realise that he knew every single person in there. Most people hadn't seen me since I left for Australia (I was 10), and assumed I was my mum... After the third "Did you bring the kids over with you Jane?", I wasn't sure whether I look beyond my years or the oldies just need new glasses...

So preoccupied on the night by the amazing dance moves that were coming out, I only took a few pictures. And I swear, there were other people in that photo of me apparently dancing like a mad woman that happened to have just discovered Disaronno for the first time ever at the afore-mentioned open bar.


Thursday, 4 July 2013


A small cafe with high windows, wooden tables and a counter laden with neat stacks of hand-made cakes and sandwiches. I'll go to what I call Bicycle Cafe at least once a week... Whether it's with a new magazine from the off license nearby, or just to sit and write my sister a letter.

Gluten free almond macaroons, and the prettiest coffees. Without a doubt my favourite cafe here so far.

Tapped & Packed cafe Soho


Saturday, 22 June 2013


London - a magazine lover's dream. It didn't take long for me to find my favourite newsagent. Right near my work, it's a little off license that stocks every magazine you can imagine. The first time I went in there and saw shelves upon shelves of delicious covers, my breathing quickened.

The three Indian men that work there know me well now, and as soon as I'm near the counter will rush to tell me teasingly "The Australian ones are running late this month... Like always!" They know my favourites, suggest ones I might like and always write down my suggestions (Monster Children please!)

I won't go anywhere else for my magazines, and I like it that way. My ideal lunch break is a trip down to them, then a coffee in my favourite cafe a little further down the street, trying not to get crumbs and sugar all over the new, crisp pages.

Above: Corduroy magazine / Day Job magazine


Sunday, 9 June 2013


I've only travelled to Sydney twice - once to visit the Monster Children studio, and once to see the Harry Potter exhibition. If I was to move back to Australia, I would be more than happy to live and work there (Surry Hills please!) There are so many places to still discover, but for now these are my favourite parts...

Sailors Thai - 106 George St, The Rocks
Canteen style upstairs with a massive wooden communal table and a dining room downstairs. The food is the best I've had outside of Thailand... My favourites have to be chicken with cashews and chilli jam followed by coconut ice cream!

Bourke Street Bakery - 633 Bourke St, Surry Hills
This is when my allergies make me want to cry. Walking into this tiny corner bakery, my mum looked at me panicked as if I were about to lie on the floor and have a tantrum. Seriously, cabinets of rhubarb almond tarts, raspberry pear butter cakes and every kind of loaf you can imagine. Worth it even just to drool at their creations!

Deus Cafe - 98/102-104 Parramatta Rd, Camperdown
Sitting alongside the Dues ex Machina store and below the Monster Children studio, you know this cafe is going to be good... Breakfast, lunch, dinner, Monday movie nights and live music through the week. Add a menu of good ol' classics and a bloody good coffee - it's a winner.

Food on Five - Westfield Pitt St Mall
Westfield's lavish food court is enough to make your jaw drop. I managed to try four places in three days. Try Rueben & Moore's massive Rueben sandwiches. Or go to Charlie & Co. for a gluten free wagyu beef burger and parmesan truffle fries... Need I say more.

Pretty much ALL of Paddington and Surry Hills, but with a special mention of Mrs Red & Sons where my sister and I picked up the tiniest hand painted Chinese cats and the staff are just the best (polaroid above). Find it at 427 Crown St, Surry Hills.

Pictured: 1. The Rocks Market. 2. My younger brother Bon. 3. Deus Cafe. 4. My sister in the background thinking, "Seriously, he's posing for ANOTHER photo!?" 5. Aimee on the train. 6. Polaroids of the sights on the boat ride. 7. Knot and trench. 8. Aimee taking photos of her own. 9. Blue hues. 10. Taxi driver stories. 11 & 12. Ariel bookstore in Paddington. 13. Mrs Red & Sons. 14. Bonjamin.



I've had to buy photo albums to house the boxes of photos I've taken since I've been here. That's one thing I like about film - you get to have it around you rather than just on a memory card or your laptop.

1. My family have always called me Lol. Just like Lol from This is England
2. Park Life
3. Garden
4. Halloween
5. Gloomy vegetables in Bromley
6. "You're the first one who's taken a photo of my veg love" he said skeptically...
7. Afternoon sun at the station
8. Squinty
9. Super glasses
10. The daily commute
11. Take Courage. My favourite for years

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