Saturday, 13 April 2013


Before Thailand I went to Whitstable for the weekend to stay with family. My cousin, aunty and I went for a massive walk along the beach (including a stop at my favourite restaurant JoJo's for early coffees and gluten free cheesecake!!). Lola the dog came too.

I had a disposable camera on me, so gave it to my little cousin Tilly. This morning I found the camera in my drawer and went straight out to get it developed. That's the nice thing about film, it can stay there undeveloped and then bring back so many wonderful memories when you finally see the outcome.



Two magazine deliveries in one week, my mother is stepping her game up...

Only a couple of days after the Monster Children package, I came home to another favourite - Russh. The delicious summery images and sun-dappled bodies make me miss home like crazy. Enjoyed it with some tea and gluten free jammy dodgers.

Top image - fresh flowers from Lewisham market, and current issue of Russh.
Others - all from Russh, MBFWA Day Two - Backstage at Ellery.


Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Before yesterday the extent of my Thatcher knowledge was a few heated This is England quotes. I didn't really think about it that much yesterday when my Facebook newsfeed told me she had died. I was more surprised that people my age were reacting to the news, considering most of them were born several years after her time at 10 Downing Street had ended.

When I got home however, my Nan (who will tell anyone and everyone that she grew up in Brixton during the front line of the riots) had strong feelings about the news. Even stronger feelings about the fact "That One Direction kid... The one with all the hair... 'Woss he doing putting R.I.P on that bloody Twitter, or what-do-ya call it...!! He don't even know who she is."

Anyway, this morning I had to stop and take the picture above. Twenty four hours after her death, her face lying crumpled and soggy at a South East London train station, tossed aside by an early commuter.

"Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are.... You aren't"
- Margaret Thatcher.



My mother indulged (if not created) my magazine obsession. From Sabrina's Secrets to Dolly. Then the kitten and sewing phase, and eventually design, fashion and illustration from 14 onwards. She would never say no to my pleas in the newsagents.

Living so far away, there is almost nothing better than to come home to one of her parcels after work. Completely unexpected, always filled with trinkets and my latest favourites that I struggle to find in London.

Yesterday it was Monster Children, the latest Country Road lookbook, a porcelain ornament and the best card. She knows me so very well...


Sunday, 7 April 2013


Today was like a side to my neighbourhood I haven't seen since I moved back here. The usual people hanging around these streets had removed their hoods, tracksuits seemed to be in lighter, more silky fabrics.

And even more people walking their pitbulls than usual! Jokes aside though, it's amazing how a bit of bright sky can change people's attitude. It called for a new shade of nail varnish and some jewels.

Rings are Holly Ryan and Karen Walker. Nail varnish is Chanel and H&M.



Getting back to London was like seeing it with fresh eyes again. After I landed I headed to my Aunty's house in East Malling. I waited in the car while she stepped into Tesco for a few bits. It was about seven in the morning and a rather large cap-tracksuit-and-Reebok wearing man was walking out with his morning supply of Rolos (already halfway through a pack).

I took the second picture at the train station shortly after, and it stood in my photo library like a cold contrast to the previous two weeks of beach images. But I kind of like it.


Saturday, 6 April 2013


Because Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr and Svpply simply aren't enough, I collect inspiration in yet another corner of the web - Tumblr.

Sometimes I want to crawl inside my laptop and live in my Tumblr - endless braids, kittens, sun filled lofts and Ryan Gosling gifs. If you want to live inside it too, even just for a little while, have a look at it here:



Meet afore-mentioned baby sister. Her name is Cali, and although her vocabulary currently stands at "Go away" and "Don't", she melts my heart. In all the soppiest ways possible, each time I step off that flight and see how she has grown, I fall in love again. 



This morning I woke up and optimistically stepped outside WITHOUT a scarf. I stood there for a moment before traipsing straight back inside like a sulky child and wrapping my picnic blanket sized monstrosity around my upper body before leaving again...

It feels like I have been back from Thailand much longer than a week, but only seven days ago I was in sunny Koh Chang, visiting my baby sister and feeding her Pocky's and coconut milkshakes (mandatory diet of a one-and-a-bit year old Thai baby).

It was nice to meet the sun again over there for a few weeks, get our friendship going again. I asked him how Australia's been doing lately and would I be seeing him back in London... But a week on, and I'm still looking for him. Along with the rest of England it seems! And they say all we do is talk about the weather...


Thursday, 4 April 2013


I left Australia seven months ago today and am still waiting for a day I don't require a coat in London. It is April and there is snow.

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