Saturday, 6 April 2013


This morning I woke up and optimistically stepped outside WITHOUT a scarf. I stood there for a moment before traipsing straight back inside like a sulky child and wrapping my picnic blanket sized monstrosity around my upper body before leaving again...

It feels like I have been back from Thailand much longer than a week, but only seven days ago I was in sunny Koh Chang, visiting my baby sister and feeding her Pocky's and coconut milkshakes (mandatory diet of a one-and-a-bit year old Thai baby).

It was nice to meet the sun again over there for a few weeks, get our friendship going again. I asked him how Australia's been doing lately and would I be seeing him back in London... But a week on, and I'm still looking for him. Along with the rest of England it seems! And they say all we do is talk about the weather...


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