Monday, 3 June 2013


Having younger siblings has always meant there’s a few people around I can convince to hang out with me. Because family time is always best when it’s forced right?

Then eventually my brother out-cooled me and my sister out-witted me. That combined with their million extra-curricular activities meant they rarely had time to sit with me in the food court and make me look social. And if I ever wanted them to watch my playlist of endless Honey Boo Boo videos, I practically had to sit on them.

Then I moved to the other side of the world, and to say I miss them is an understatement (who will carry around countless disposable cameras, and oblige to my artistic selfies!?) Above are two of my favourite walks with my sister Aimee from a trip over here last year.

1. Aimee in Teeston Park.
2. Aimee and Sonny.
3. Daisy chains and crazy fairy-floss hair.
4. Teeston Park.
5. My organic accessories.
6. My shed in Nan’s garden.
7. Some fur and forest coloured trousers.
8. Making mates in the alleyway.
9. Took a turn down a winding path and it opened onto fields of apple trees.
10. Late lunch at the Cricketers Inn in Meopham. (Homemade steak burger – melted Somerset cheddar – grilled British streaky bacon – thin fries).


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