Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Here are my final favourites from Amsterdam -

1. Scandinavian Embassy
Coffee shop / cafe (I had the strongest hot chocolate ever...)

2. Patta Negra
Tapas restaurant that we went back to twice. Have the fried chorizo, patatas bravas with aioli and some cheeses / jamon - amazing!

3. Cafe De Klos
Best dinner we had - I didn't get a photo of a single dinner the whole trip, so that says something! We had to wait a while, but you can go to the bar across the road and they come and find you when a spot is ready. I had the ribs and Gus had the chicken, both barbecued to perfection with potatoe and salad on the side.

4. Cafe Bern
Absolutely amazing French restuarant. The best fondue I have EVER had. I read about this one on Hypebeast before I went, and took a loaf of gluten free bread with us. They toasted it for us, and I excitedly scooped the whole fondue up with the bread and their succulent steak. Order a karafe of their red wine - went beautifully with it.

5. Cannibale Royale
Book this one, because we were lucky to squeeze in. Dark, moody atmosphere inside with candles and lace curtains. The burger was tender and topped with bacon, cheddar, salad and barbecue sauce - I couldn't help ordering the jacket potatoe with crispy bacon and sour cream too!


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