Monday, 12 January 2015


Last night I got back from five days in Amsterdam with my boyfriend. Torrentail rain and gale force winds aside, the food, vintage shopping and museums made up for it.

One thing I noticed straight away was hardly any graffiti compared to other European cities I've been to. The huge wall pictured above was the only large piece I saw, and trust me I circled every canal in the city by the end of the trip.

Being coeliac (and now my boyfriend finding out he is too!), I always do my research beforehand for good gluten free places to eat...

Bagels & Beans
As soon as I head that this bagel chain offered a gluten free option, we hunted one down. I had the proscuitto, mozrella, rocket and pesto one and Gus had a BLT with pine nuts. The food was great, but service was not so great.

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