Saturday, 25 May 2013


This week I was walking through my nearest shopping mall - The Glades. Something comes over me there. It's like I spend all week seeing suits on the tube, and the latest fashion trends at work. And then on weekends, I'm back here in Downham and it's tracksuits, Ralph Lauren and Nike. Everywhere.

At The Glades, this is the locals uniform.... And as tacky as it looks most of the time, there's the odd trainer that catches my eye. Then all of a sudden I'm overcome with a desire to collect every trainer Nike has ever produced and line them up in my imaginary walk-in closet.

One trainer shop in particular lured me in - Offspring. Not as cliche as JD or Footlocker. Not as mental as Sports Direct. Just small and clean, with beautiful styles in the window. I walked straight up to the collection of Roche's and saw these ones. Dotted with baby triangles, and built with a springy sole that I was told "has a memory".

As soon as I tried them on, and saw all three sales assistant boys smile and start telling me "They look dank girl", I simply knew they needed to come home with me (the trainers that is).

After wearing them to work each day, I don't know how I've ever done this commute with anything else gracing my feet. They are perfection. Also pictured is sunset at the hilltop football pitch near the local leisure centre. And me braiding my hair late at night with some fancy earrings - wishing I was Scandinavian.


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