Saturday, 25 May 2013


People have joked that as soon as I'm back in London, my Instagram turns grey. Every other picture is of some scrawled graffiti, run-down high street shops, Off Licenses and council estates.

I can see how these things can be mundane, perhaps even depressing to some. Just this week on the train home, the lady next to me (an aging, extensioned and botoxed woman) tutted as we went through Lewisham. I watched her shake her head and pull her handbag just that little closer as she grimaced at the tags scribbled under bridges.

I could see how she could think it dirty, an eye-sore. But I've always been fascinated by street art, no matter how well executed. Inspired that someone has taken the time to make a mark there (even if sometimes they are pretty shit).

So yes, I will continue to fill my Instagram with whatever catches my eye - whether traditionally beautiful or not. I believe that whatever makes me stop whatever I'm doing, enough so to try and capture it... Is worth sharing.

All photos are recent Instagram posts (I'm @lsiss) - 1. Shoreditch. 2. Took a wrong turn in Soho on my lunch break. 3. Shoreditch "Big D". 4. On the train platform at New Cross. 5. The morning sun in an alley across from my work. 6. Local council flats, while waiting for the bus in Bromley.


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  1. Wow.
    Some great finds here... The Take Courage one is particularly nice :)


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