Monday, 20 May 2013


The only artist I have played almost as much as The Weeknd this year is Kendrick Lamar. Every morning without fail, he keeps me company all the way to work. And him Mom. And his Dad. And without fail, I'll hear his Dad's voice at some point during the day crying out for his God Damn DOMINOESSS!

His interview in Interview magazine is my favourite so far, here's a bit below about his all time Top Ten emcee's.

BADU: Okay, top five rappers of all time. Who are they?

LAMAR: Oh, man.

BADU: I know, it's hard. I can never answer that question either. They don't have to be in order.

LAMAR: Okay . . . Give me Jay-Z.

BADU: Bam.

LAMAR: Give me Nas.

BADU: I'll give you that.

LAMAR: Give me Tupac.

BADU: I might give you Pac. . .

LAMAR: Please give me Pac. Also give me Snoop.

BADU: Okay, that's four.

LAMAR: And give me B.I.G.

BADU: I'll give you B.I.G.

LAMAR: But that leaves off Eminem and André . . . I'd probably formulate the perfect 10 if I really thought about it for a day.

BADU: You just named seven. You got three more?

LAMAR: Rakim . . . [pauses] Kurupt.

BADU: That's nine.

LAMAR: Who would the last one be? Give me Method Man.

BADU: I will give you Method Man all day.

LAMAR: But it's a battle because if I say Method Man . . . Will you give me DMX?

BADU: Okay.

LAMAR: Yeah, give me X. That's my 10.

Read the full interview here


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  1. Ah such a great interview!
    He is a boss



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