Sunday, 12 May 2013


My friend Jordan is traveling around Europe at the moment. He came and stayed with me for five days, and I tried to do London justice and give him a grand tour. These photos are all from one day, and it made me fall in love with the city I live in all over again.

And just to prove I work with the coolest people in the World - they made me a map (I'm practically a tourist here too), of all the coolest streets and laneways that I couldn't miss. From Old Street Station, through Shoreditch's little backstreets to Brick Lane Market.

Followed by Pick Me Up exhibition at Somerset House, coffee at Southbank's food festival and then a walk through the park behind my house... I hope you liked London Jordy!

1. Wrong turn out of Old St Station
2. Albion Cafe - Shoreditch
3. Phoenix - Shoreditch
4. Type - Shoreditch
5. Went in to a random coffee shop to ask for directions. Asked on a whim if any of the cakes in the window were gluten-free. Her reply made me fall in love with her - "Yes... They all are"
6. #fuckyeahglutenfreegoods ("Jordy, can you just stand over here near these onions so I can remember these cakes forever")
7. Tried to capture the most insane burger being made ever, totally didn't get the burger in the picture - Southbank Cheese & Wine Festival
8. Southbank skatepark
9. Walking home through the park at sunset
10. Army man


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